Do you also love an old story?

Beginning of the year - after I changed my job - I had some free time on my hands and I decided to go through all of my stuff. 🙈

And that is always fun for me. 

Starting very productive ... suddenly seeing something that triggers a fun, dear, strong memory aaaaand.... hours later I‘m still not even close to being done but had some good laughs already - who knows this too? 😂

So while I am going through my paintings and waiting to get the official ‚GO’ to start my shop I’ll be sharing some good old memories which I hope make you smile, too, or cringe, or roll your eyes or bring up the urge to go through your stuff as well to create your best memory box so far!

Have a great day 😁

xoxo Imke

Starting with:

Langeoog with my family

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