My sustainability idea/goal

My sustainability idea/goal

For more than 1 year (finally!) sustainabilty has become an important topic for me. 🌱 I am usually the ‘all or nothing‘ type and have to learn to adapt a lot of those times xD but, nevertheless, I always try to go for it all first.💃🏻

The same here: 👩🏻‍🎨 painting sustainable.. I asked myself ‚how‘ and started my research which showed me that I was already practicing some ways:

- Taking an old shirt to dry my paint brushes or swipe off as much paint as possible before cleaning it with water 👕

- Using reusable water containers and palette 🚰🎨

- Seal the left-over paint to use it for the next painting 🖼

- Reuse old canvases that are just catching dust in a corner 🧽

And here are some areas I want to dive into a little deeper:

- Colors (found a fantastic person on Instagram for Aquarell, still looking for acrylic) 🎨

- Shipping and delivery (starting with gooooo green 🌱)

- Packaging 📦 (reusable packaging has taken over a corner in my room atm)

If you already know some more or have some more ideas - I would be happy to here from you! 💡

Have a wonderful day 🙋🏻‍♀️

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