Special people

Special people

Along the way I already found some really special people - for a lot of those ways I believe that destiny has its part in it and sent me to that specific place or put that idea/decision in my head only for one reason: to meet this person. 

From one moment on you just know that they will be very important for/to you. 

Some might not stay but give you important lessons. 

Some might leave for a while but will return and stick with you from there on.

And some, well some, you don‘t get rid of after that first moment - they will never leave your side again and become your safety net. 

When I look back, I see that I experienced all those encounters and I am very happy about each and every one of them. I want to thank destiny for giving me the chance to meet them, learn from them and keep some of them.

I want to thank all those beautiful humans- thank you for being there - for accompanying me a part of the way - for becoming my closest friends - my family - my safety net.

xoxo Imke

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