Murals - How did that happen? How did it all start?

Murals - How did that happen? How did it all start?

Well, everything started with my first own room. And it may be that I wanted to have a wall as cool as my big sister 😁 (she also likes to paint)...

And so I painted my first own mural - back then with watercolors 😃

Included were: a tree, a rainbow and lots of animals! 🌳🌈🦉

Not bad at all for my first mural!

I evolved and so did my walls - I moved to another room and decided to paint jungle plants and a waterfall on the wall 🤩 my own little oasis.

And it stayed that way - until I came back from Australia at the end of 2008 and had to create my own little Australia. (I'm still looking for these photos at the moment) No wall was spared and so I painted the skyline of Brisbane by day, the silhouette of the Sydney Opera House at sunset, a koala in the tree, Uluru and 5 huge sea turtles 😍 I loved them !

The photo quality and my skills of taking photos at the time can't even begin to show how beautiful and magical they were. Unfortunately, I decided to have them painted over shortly before I moved out 😭💔 I still regret it, but it calms me a bit to know that they are still under this white layer.

Well, and that's how it happened that I was allowed to paint on the walls of friends and now officially offer it with Just Imke 😁

I really enjoy painting big! My head, my body and my creativity can really let off steam there.

My favorite things to paint at the moment are the sea and animals, but I always like to try new things - e.g. I did a graffiti workshop in Melbourne 🤩 ohhhh that was cool! And I already have a few ideas that will soon be available here as Wanna Do's 😜


So, if you also want to have a wall painted, whether inside or outside, whether completely or only partially, then click on 'Send DM' and write me your idea!

Ahhh are you already feeling it tingling?! The adventure awaits us!




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