What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?

Peace. Do you know that feeling? Every now and then life gives me a moment to feel it - that inner peace.

One moment is still so clear in my mind and inspired me to one of my tattoo motives.

November 2018 - recently I changed my job and I was not happy - I was really disappointed as I had so positive visions that were knocked over during the first week. It hit me hard, so on an Impulse I decided to do a roadtrip to the ocean, to an island my parents were gushing about: Langeoog.

As it was off season, a few tourists and myself were stepping foot on this beautiful, rough island (there are no cars on that island). The weather was a mixture of windy, rainy, sunny, dry, windy, rainy - so the perfect beach day weather.

I walked, stood and watched and walked a bit further, and stood and walked the other direction. The ocean right next to me, waves crashing, seagulls screaming, wind pushing me from side to side. I walked until there was nothing else in my head than the sound of waves. 

And then standing on the beach, facing the ocean, wind and seagulls whirling around me - the wind picked up *I inhaled* and then rushed through me, through every corner and *with me exhaling* took every negative thought, every weight off me. I blinked and for the first time in weeks I could really breath again... and suddenly a smile - a true smile spread across my face. I was happy. I was calm. I was feeling inner peace. Knowing that there is a way.

Nowadays, seagulls playing with the wind are spread on my body - savoring this special moment. (recently a wave joined them 🌊)

I hope you, too, have experienced this - and if not yet - I know you will.

For now I only have one question left for you: did you take a deep breath yet today?

Have a peaceful day ☀️

xoxo Imke 

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