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Just Imke

Sea turtle Magic ✨

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One of my all time favorite animals! And one encounter from the past which I‘ll never forget 😁

I spent my day with my host-sister on Lady Elliot Island. We went snorkeling And suddenly I see this huge shadow approaching 😱 first I thought it was a shark 🦈 and I respect them a lot and I was a little afraid cause the others were snorkeling further away from me. I backed up a little bit and then finally saw that it was a big turtle 😍 and it swam past me only a few meters away - my heart was besting so fast!

Afterwards, when I was back in Germany, I painted a whole wall filled with these beautiful turtles 🥰

📸 Imke Arndt

Size and Colour

70 x 100 cm



Just Imke

Who is Just Imke?

  • This is me! An aspiring artist 👩🏻‍🎨 on her way to change the world 🌍 

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  • In art a commission is the act of requesting the creation of a piece 🙏🏻🖼
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  • A mock-up is a model of a design to demonstrate the customer what a painting could look like 😃🖼

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  • A print is reproduction of an original art piece 🖼 but is much cheaper than the original.



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