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Just Imke

This Feeling ✨

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My main piece of my collection.

It was the first time I could feel and describe the difference of my mental state. In 2018 I started a new job, I was SO excited for it. And after 2 days, I felt so disappointed, sad and angry. I didn‘t want to stay there.

But arguing with myself, I thought, maybe I‘m overreacting. Maybe it isn‘t as bad. But it didn‘t change. So, 1 month later I decided to go on a very spontaneous weekend trip. Up to Langeoog. My parents have told me about this German Island and since then I always wanted to go there.

I packed my backpack, fueled up the car 🚗, started the playlist and off I went at 5am. 3.5-4 hours later I arrived at the parking spot, left my car behind and with that first step on the ferry I already felt better. I was so happy already and when I made my way to the beach and the ocean ohhhh my whole body just wanted to soak it up.

And I did. I walked. For hours. Always close to the ocean. First letting the washes crashing into my left ear, then, I just stood and watched and then did the same for my right ear. It felt like a cleansing.

And then. After hours of wind rushing past me, hearing only the ocean and the seagulls one big breeze zoomed in on me (like you sometimes see in movies), rushed through me and took all the heaviness, all the bad thoughts with it. And I breathed. For the first time in months.

Remembering this moment, I still get emotional 🥹 and to keep this feeling forever with my I let a tattoo artist tattoo seagulls all over my body like they were soaring with the wind 🌬️

📸 Kerstin Wilkens and Imke Arndt

Size and Colour

2x 30x40 cm



Just Imke

Who is Just Imke?

  • This is me! An aspiring artist 👩🏻‍🎨 on her way to change the world 🌍 

    For more details click here ➡️ Just Imke


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What is a commission?

  • In art a commission is the act of requesting the creation of a piece 🙏🏻🖼
  •  It can be on paper, on canvas or on a wall.

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What is a mock-up?

  • A mock-up is a model of a design to demonstrate the customer what a painting could look like 😃🖼

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  • A print is reproduction of an original art piece 🖼 but is much cheaper than the original.



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      • Fill out the contact form and I respond to you as soon as possible.


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      • Fill out the contact form on my contact page :) and I respond to you as soon as possible 😊


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