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Just Imke

Uhuru Peak

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We write the year 2017. February 2017 to be precise. And one of my best friends and I joined a group of travellers to hike up Mt Kilimanjaro 🏔️ it was beautiful, some times wet, some times cold, always pole pole and above all so special our group was amazing, the porters and guides made this the best experience for us and I’m so happy to have met them. We laughed, danced and were exhausted all together 😄

And the moment, which shows this painting, we were soooo close to Uhuru Peak, the sun was rising behind us and gave us this spectacular view at the top. And my best friend turned around and took the reference photo I used here. She stopped. And turned around. I can’t tell you how impressed I was because it was very hard to breathe up there 😳 a-ma-zing! For me, the whole weight of the hike fell off my body as soon as we saw the sign in the distance - gosh. I could breathe again 😄 I was so happy and these endorphins gave me new energy 😃 a-ma-zing!

📸 Kerstin Wilkens

Size and Colour

20 x 50 cm



Just Imke

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